How to divide kinds of alloy steel ?


Alloy steel is divided into three types according to its use: structural steel, tool steel and special performance steel.

1, structural steel

Structural steel refers to steel that meets specific strength and formability grades. Formability is expressed as the elongation after the break of the tensile test. Structural steel is generally used for bearing purposes, where the strength of steel is an important design criterion.

2. Tool steel 1.2344

Tool steel is the steel used to manufacture cutting tools, measuring tools, molds and wear-resistant tools. Tool steel has high hardness and can maintain high hardness and red hardness at high temperatures, as well as high wear resistance and appropriate toughness.

3, special performance steel

Special properties Steel has special physical or chemical properties and is used to manufacture parts that require special properties in addition to certain mechanical properties. There are many kinds of it, and the main use of stainless acid-resistant steel, heat-resistant steel, wear-resistant steel in mechanical manufacturing.

H13 1.2344 SKD61 alloy

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